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FAQ on Monthly and Daily Schedule Templates for Excel

How Do I Choose a Schedule Template?

LUZ Templates has a lot of schedule spreadsheet templates to choose from. To make the right choice, you need to consider the following:

  1. Timeframe. Decide whether you need to plan your schedule for 24 hours, a week, or thirty days. The timeframe will determine if you need a monthly, weekly, or daily schedule template in Excel. For example, a monthly schedule template in Excel works best for employees’ shift management, while a daily planner in Excel works better for a to-do list.
  2. The number of users. You need to choose different schedule spreadsheet templates depending on how you are going to use them. If you need a shareable meeting schedule template in Excel, look for an online document. 
  3. The number of projects. You may need to include a lot of information in your schedule spreadsheet template. For example, working time, names, appointments, duration, and contact details. A daily spreadsheet offers more details to fill in than a monthly schedule template in Excel.

How Do I Customize My Schedule Spreadsheet Template?

Your monthly or daily schedule template Excel must be easy-to-read and comprehend. Therefore, you need to customize, for example, to see the working time quickly. You do this with:

  • Fonts. Fonts are often used to highlight the headers in bold or italics. It will make them stand out. Moreover, you can use different fonts for different tasks or meetings in your time planner.
  • Colors. You can change the color of the cell’s background or text. It’s convenient to easily differentiate rows or various events. For example, in a daily worksheet template, you can assign different colors to different employees for them to navigate the planner easier.
  • Images. Pictures serve as good differentiators: they allow to easily navigate around a schedule spreadsheet template. For example, you can insert images in an employees’ shift planner.

What Is the Difference between Printable and Online Planners?

Depending on your needs, you can choose a printable or online schedule spreadsheet template. A printable schedule is good for personal use: you can download a blank daily schedule template in Excel and manage your time

An online planner is best used for collaborative work — for example, when you need to create a monthly schedule for all departments of an enterprise. 

How Do I Make Easy-to-Use Collaborative Schedules

You can customize any schedule spreadsheet template from LUZ Templates. Define the time intervals for daily to-do lists or add as many employees as necessary in a monthly time schedule template in Excel.

You can rename any column in our Excel planners, change the fonts, colors, and size of the columns, as well as switch between calendar, Gantt, and grid views. 

How Do I Make a Daily Schedule?

You can use a daily schedule template in Excel from LUZ Templates to make a daily schedule. The spreadsheet has 30-minute time intervals to fill in. You can choose how many days to plan: from Monday to Friday or from Sunday to Saturday. You need only to download a schedule spreadsheet template file for Microsoft Excel and modify it.

How Do I Improve Daily Scheduling with Real-Time Work Management?

Daily scheduling is much easier with a schedule spreadsheet template from LUZ Templates. You can download an .xlsx file for Microsoft Excel or use it collectively in Sheets. Once you are done, you can share the schedule online or print it to hand out to employees.