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FAQ on Sales Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

What Can You Use the Sales Templates for? 

There is a wide variety of sales tracking spreadsheet templates, which sales managers can use for such purposes as:

Sales Activity Tracking

A sales activity tracking spreadsheet can be used for:

  • Pre-planning: Managers can assign the objectives and use the template as a sales goal tracker. They can specify the number of emails to send, calls to make, or leads to generate within a certain timeframe. 
  • Recording: Sales representatives often write down what they did in a sales activity tracker. For example, the number of leads, calls, emails, or even sold products might be recorded. It helps to keep track of your sales activity and set up a target for the future.

Sales Pipeline and Opportunity Tracking

Discovering new opportunities is a part of sales pipeline management. By analyzing the sales pipeline with the help of a sales tracking spreadsheet, you can identify potential profitability within your pipeline. 

However, you can also record the opportunities outside a pipeline in a sales management Excel sheet. It will help you to make data-driven decisions, set actionable goals, and be more accurate in planning. 

Sales Forecasting

To be effective in sales forecasting, you need to aggregate all the historical data in a sales activity tracking spreadsheet. The Excel sales tracking template will become the basis for analysis that will help to set a sales target for the future. You can forecast in a monthly sales tracker Excel template to set objectives for every 30 days. 

Sales Goal Tracking

Goal setting is a popular and effective approach in sales performance management. A sales management Excel sheet is a useful tool in which you can set objectives for employees individually or department on the whole. 

You can define the timeframe from daily, weekly, or monthly goals up to quarterly and yearly aims. Any sales management Excel sheet from LUZ Templates will be suitable because each one is customizable. 

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Sales Tracking Templates?

Since there are many sales tracking spreadsheet templates, you need to know how to choose the best one. Such an Excel sales template will help you to boost the effectiveness of sales tracking and analytics. 

To make the right choice, you need to determine your goal: whether you need a monthly sales tracker in Excel or a daily sales activity tracking spreadsheet. After that, you can:

  • Use different fonts
  • Color the sheet
  • Add images.

All these will help you to get the most out of any sales management Excel sheet

What Are the Basics of a Sales Plan? 

A sales plan is the basis of your quarterly or monthly sales tracker in Excel. It states:

  • Sales goals that are recorded in a sales tracking spreadsheet
  • Approaches to achieving the goals: tools, tactics, customers, competitors, and even barriers

What Is the Difference between Sales Forecasting and Sales Planning?

Sales forecasting implies projecting the scope of sales in a sales activity tracking spreadsheet based on the historical data. Sales planning, however, is about how to implement the sales forecast. A sales plan includes precise steps to take on the way to the goal. 

What Is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline describes the stages a customer passes during a sales process. Each stage requires a different approach and can be recorded in a sales management Excel sheet template. There are three general stages in the pipeline:

  • The first contact and needs identification
  • Quotation of the product’s price
  • Purchase.

Why Use a Sales Plan?

  1. Simple progress monitoring in a sales tracking spreadsheet based on the set goals
  2. Understanding of the current state of resources: financial and labor – as well as risks
  3. Clear objectives set in a daily, weekly, or monthly sales tracker in Excel
  4. Helps to define actions to achieve the desired outcome set in a sales tracking spreadsheet

What Are the Sales Plans Challenges? 

  • Lack of historical data in a sales activity tracking spreadsheet to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Verification of the data recorded in a monthly sales tracker in Excel
  • Identification of correct and aligned objectives and goals, as well as approaches to reach them
  • Reasonable budgeting
  • Regularly updating the plan and objectives in a sales tracking spreadsheet template

What Is Included in a Sales Plan?

Effective sales activity tracking in a spreadsheet requires a sales plan that includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Mission and positioning
  • Team Structure
  • Target Audience
  • Tools
  • Marketing and prospecting strategy
  • Action plan
  • Sales and revenue goals (included in a monthly sales tracker Excel template)
  • Budget
  • Schedule