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Projects tracking with templates in Excel. Things to consider

Keeping track of project progress is the primary job of any project manager. Regardless of the project size, the result depends on the quality of project management. Project supervision, especially if you are running more than one, is impossible without specialized tools like PM software, which can be costly, or use projects tracking template in Excel. Otherwise, especially if you have many projects to manage, you might miss potential loopholes, drawbacks, and even opportunities that should have been given more attention?

The market, with its numerous solutions for novice and expert project managers, can be confusing and deceiving. It’s hard to tell whether a particular SaaS solution or a piece of software, will do the trick for you personally or your project.    

As a result, creating a project management spreadsheet in excel might be a solution. In excel, a project management template can be created from scratch by yourself or you can modify an existing project tracking template to your needs. This way you can design your own tool and then see if you would find the same project management functionality in other solutions, or even decide whether you actually need any other solution at all.  

Microsoft Excel can become an ideal tool that offers a wide range of functionality to create and manage project management spreadsheets that actually help and don’t cost that much to upkeep as software or SaaS tools. As it has been mentioned, you can opt for creating your own project plan template in excel, but we strongly recommend you t at least review existing project management excel templates. Consider this. All the best project management excel templates are created with market best practices and may contain interesting functionality and new approaches that you haven’t considered yourself. So using pre-made projects tracking template can actually save not only money but also time, by not putting your time into creating all those dashboards and spreadsheets yourself.

So, using the project schedule template in excel will help you with:

  • Monitoring and keeping one or several projects at the same time
  • It can be a good progress tracker excel 
  • Calculating the budget and costs 
  • Team members management and task prioritization

Basically, a good project management dashboard excel template can be a solution for managing your small and mid-sized projects, instead of PM software or SaaS, at least a way cheaper one. Please keep in mind, that we are not saying that using excel for project management will solve all your problems or that a project tracking spreadsheet will make you remember everything.  No. All we are saying is that it can help at least start and get your head around what you really need.    

We have been doing projects like creations of project schedule templates in excels or building project management templates in Google Sheets for our clients for several years and now we are happy to offer the results of our work to you. 

What kinds of Project Management Spreadsheets Types There Are

Gantt Chart Template

The Gantt Chart template serves as a dashboard that visualizes the pace of your project. In the chart, you can plan the schedule and depict the dependencies of tasks over the project’s lifecycle. The template is simple: you add the tasks, specify the deadlines and their dependencies. As a result, you see the project duration and can manage the sequence of the tasks effectively. 

What Is a 1-Page Status Report Template

An Excel one-page status report template is a document that represents the current status of a project. In other words, it’s a brief summary of what has been achieved and what remains on the agenda. 

This Excel document can be compiled when necessary to show the results to key stakeholders. Moreover, it can be presented during a team meeting.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a plan of small tasks that will eventually lead to the completion of larger tasks. The so-called Excel dashboard allows a project manager to break up the final goal into tasks and subtasks. What is more, you can assign the executors and deadlines.


Action Plan Template

With an Excel action plan template, you can work out a strategy for project implementation. The document allows you to mark key objectives and record ideas on their accomplishment. In other words, you can brainstorm the action plan ideas effectively and in one place. 

LUZ Templates enables you to collect all the milestones and key tasks in one Excel file. You can prioritize and schedule them, as well as keep tracking the progress.

Project & Task Tracker Template

Project tracking is one of the key functions for project management in excel. Such a template allows a manager to monitor the completion of a task and ensure no deadlines are missed. Tracking allows the user to notice weak points timely and address them early, which prevents major collapse in the future.

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What Is the Risk Register Template

This project management template allows determining and tracking key risks. You can mark the risks for all projects in one file, if necessary. Moreover, you can use LUZ templates to record the possible impact of the risk factor on the results. You can also assign the responsible, who will closely monitor the factor to timely prevent the harm if necessary. 

Issue Tracker Template

An issue tracker template is a document where you record what issues require resolutions across your projects. The manager collects all the data about the incidents and determines the solution in a document. 

Since teamwork is indispensable to project management, LUZ Templates lets you download the Excel spreadsheet in Google Sheets for facilitated collaboration. Now your team can track all the issues and their resolution in one place.

Change Request Form Template

Change accompanies all the projects; therefore, tracking alterations is a must in project management. With this Excel template, a manager can easily record the required changes. Moreover, the sheet allows assigning the responsible and tracking the progress. Although the Excel file doesn’t allow attaching related documents, you can always add space for file-sharing links. 

Project Budget Template

Project management is impossible without budgeting. It’s among the initial steps: a project manager must allocate the resources to stay within the budget limits. During the course of the project, he/she monitors the expenditures in Excel spreadsheets. In fact, Microsoft Excel is the most convenient tool for budgeting. Our budget template is easy-to-use: you specify the existing resources and expenditures, and the template calculates everything on its own. 

Timesheet Template

A timesheet template allows you to record:

  • How much every employee has devoted to a project
  • Calculate the working hours and overtime
  • Record vacations
  • Specify and calculate the wages based on the hourly rates

LUZ Templates offers you a free Excel template for several projects. Just add as many sheets as necessary, customize them, and improve your project management.

Project management dashboard for excel template

A project management dashboard excel template is a file with complete information about your project or projects, a sort of project tracker excel can offer. The dashboard allows you to track:

  • Project lifecycle
  • Assigned tasks and their status (accomplished, in progress, completed)
  • Budgeting
  • Project timeline

All the data is visually illustrated, which facilitates project management.


Project management in excel


Are There Alternatives to Excel Templates?

Excel templates aren’t the only solution for effective project management. Many project managers prefer to use expensive project management software that partially includes the functionalities of Microsoft Excel. The key difference between the costly software and free Excel templates is that the former allows more collaboration. Since all the files can be stored in one