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Record the core competencies of your business, make full evaluations of your employees, find out who deserves to be promoted / boosted and who needs to improve.
Decision Criteria
Set minimum scores to carry out promotions, bonuses, or even to dismiss employees who are performing poorly.
Registration of Employees, Positions and Areas
The registration of these items will generate automatic reports and graphs by employee or work areas, indicating the opportunity for specific improvements. You can register up to 200 employees in the worksheet.
Competency Registration
You can select up to 25 technical or behavioral skills to evaluate while using the worksheet.
Performance Evaluation by Competencies
After registering the skills that will be used in the worksheet, define the evaluator of each employee and record the notes of each one. It is possible to make two evaluations and compare both results.
Development plan
Never again forget the feedback you were going to give to a coworker. In this area you keep a record of your employees' behavior to facilitate conversations about the performance of each of them.
Overall Performance Analysis
After conducting the performance evaluation by competency of all your employees, you will have an overview of how your business is.
Report by Employee or by Area
Track specific reports for each of the employees or areas you registered at the beginning of the worksheet. You will also have access to a report ready for printing on A4 paper. Just print and wait.
Performance Evaluation Dashboard
See the average performance of all your employees was in general and by registered competence.
Dashboard by Employee or by Area
Understand a little more about the specific performance of one of your employees or the collective performance of an area. So you will be able to compare and take action to make your business performance even better.
Print Form
If you would like the performance evaluation to be completed physically, we have already prepared an automatic form for you.

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