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Registration of Products, Resellers and Suppliers
Register your products, the resellers that work with you and the suppliers where you carry out your purchases

Consignment Control
Area to register the products that were delivered to resellers, as well as their return and sale. This automatically updates the consigned stock control tab

Purchasing Control
Area for the registration and control of the purchases of products made month by month

Consigned Stock Control
Demonstration with the information of all your registered products, the quantity in stock for each of them, replacement need status and other details

Order of service ready for printing
Order two-way service (one for you and one for the reseller) ready for printing. Ideal tool to keep a record of products delivered to your suppliers.

Resellers Commission Report
Automatically view a list of all your resellers and the commission amounts for each of them month to month

Report of Products Consigned with Resellers
See a list of all your products that have been delivered to resellers but have not yet been sold or returned

Reseller Inquiry
Choose a reseller and see all the details of the transactions, sales and receipts that he performed.

Cash flow
Based on sales and purchases made, automatically see a cash flow statement with your income, expenses and profit / loss per month

Monthly Purchasing and Sales Report
Track monthly and individually the quantity of products sold and purchased

Reseller Dashboard
Analyze the key indicators and charts of your resellers in a control panel organized on a single screen

Products Dashboard
See the total quantity of products registered, the quantity in stock and its approximate value, as well as a chart of monthly evolution of purchases of new products

Financial Dashboard
Financial indicator panels with a monthly cash flow chart and indicators of revenues, expenses, profit / loss and profitability for the year.

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