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Description of the Project Steps
Enter the project steps with their start and end dates, in addition to the planned spend.

Project Schedule
Enter the actual project start and finish dates and spend with each of the steps. In addition, you will be able to make a comparison of the expected periods with the realized one.

Follow the project
Analyze compliance with the project plan, as well as the comparison of expected and realized expenditures overall.

Total Financial Monitoring and by Stages
In the accompaniment tab you can view the actual project schedule.

Analyze the result by project stage.
Conduct an individual analysis of the project steps.

Project Dashboard
Follow the main information, indicators and graphs related to the physical-financial schedule of the project

Project Predicted and Performed Gantt Charts
You can view the planned and actual project schedule using Gantt charts.

Comparative Gantt chart
See a Gantt chart that puts your planning side by side with what you've done for easy analysis

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