Project Management Templates

Keeping track of project progress is the primary job of any project manager. Regardless of the project size, the result depends on the management. Proper supervision is impossible without a tracker or specific software where the progress is recorded. Otherwise, how will you notice the loopholes requiring more attention?

Microsoft Excel is an ideal companion that offers a wide range of functionalities for project management. You can opt for various templates, from dashboards to budgeting spreadsheets, that will help you stay on top of any project.

An Excel template allows you to monitor one or several projects, make a progress plan with a precise schedule, calculate the budget and costs, and assign tasks to team members. Basically, with Excel Project Management Templates, you don’t need PM software for small and mid-sized projects

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours in Excel, creating numerous spreadsheets. LUZ Templates offers a wide range of project management templates for Excel. They are customizable and can be adjusted depending on your deliverables. 

Moreover, you won’t waste much time on setup: any template is ready-made. It means you just need to download the file in the preferred format and start filling the data in.

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