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The GUT matrix is ​​perfect to assist you in the prioritization of problems and to project action plans needed to solve them.

List of Problems

The first feature of the spreadsheet is the listing of issues that should be classified and ranked according to their Gravity, Urgency, and Trend.

Ranking of Main Problems

Automatically, the spreadsheet will generate a ranking with the 10 main problems, showing you objectively which are the most important that must be solved.

Planning Action Plans

Based on the issues raised, plan and control the action plans needed to resolve them in your business

Report of Action Plans

Area to see the number of planned action plans, how many were completed on time, delayed or are in progress monthly.

Problem Prioritization Dashboard

Visualize the key indicators (number of problems, action plans and percentages) and graphs (of problem levels, completion of actions and number of problems by gravity, urgency and trend).

Dashboard GUT Matrix 

Control panel to see the severity level of issues, percentage, and key feedbacks related to the issues listed in the worksheet.

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