Vendors - Customer Suppport Responsabilities

Congratulations, if you are reading this article it is probably because you already have a spreadsheet registered on our website and you are concerned with the service that your customers will have.

The contact flow is very simple, all customers who have any questions send an email to our contact support email address and, whenever it is about a spreadsheet of a vendor, we forward the contact promptly. In such cases:

  1. Respond to support within 24 hours - The sooner the better, the more impressed the customer is and the chance to purchase increases. We also control the reply time using our Help Desk software and this is a key performance indicator of our best vendors.
  1. Create a tutorial video (using loom) or user manual (in PDF) - This reduces doubts, makes the customer more satisfied, and have fewer use difficulties;
  1. Improve and Update your Product - Every customer support is an opportunity to improve and update your spreadsheet. Create new versions, correct your product description, develop new features.