Vendors - Terms of Use

In order to become a vendor at LUZ templates marketplace you must agree with the following terms of use:
  1. Spreadsheet Property Rights

The vedor must be the author and owner of the intelectual property of the spreadsheet that will be sold on LUZ Template's website.
  • Vendor must have their own set of visual identity assets (including fonts, colors, menu structure, logo);
  • Vendor must have an entirely different product from the existing LUZ spreadsheet portfolio - using other products as inspiration with 90% similarity is considered plagiarism.
Copying existing spreadsheets is totally prohibited and can result in banning the vendor of our website and necessary legal measures, if necessary.
  1. Service

Vendor must be available by email, as this is how he will receive all support requests from customers. You must respond to all support cases within 24 hours of receiving it.

  1. Commission

For each purchase of the vendors spreadsheet the commission will be 50% of the amount paid by the customer.

This commission will be paid on the 5th of each month. The only exception is when that date falls on a weekend. In this case, the amount will be paid on the first following business day.

Example: If a spreadsheet is available for $ 200 and the customer makes the purchase on 06/13 with a $ 50 discount, paying a total of $ 150. In this case, the selling partner will be entitled to receive $ 75 referring to 50% of the amount received on 07/05.

  1. Discount Policy

By agreeing to have one or more spreadsheets for sale on the LUZ Templates marketplace, the vendor agrees that the amounts may undergo changes related to specific promotions carried out or even to the use of discount coupons.

We use as a standard a discount of 25% for the first purchase of a new customer and weekly discounts for specific product categories that can vary from 10% to 30%.

In addition to these discounts, LUZ Templates has the freedom to negotiate high-volume discounts with its customers in order to increase sales results.