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This Accounting Book worksheet is intended to allow you to record all entries and exits made by a company. It automatically generates the balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of income and balance sheet for the year analyzed.

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Chart of Accounts
Record all assets, liabilities, shareholders' equity, income and expenses accounts in accordance with their accounting code.
Registration of Accounting Entries
Define the debit and credit accounts linked to each of the possible accounting entries to be made in the analyzed company.
Control of Accounting Postings
Take control of all accounting entries that occurred monthly for each of the months of the year under review. This will be the basis for automatic creation of the balance sheet, DFC, DRE and balance sheet.
Balance sheet
The balance sheet is an accounting statement that gathers all the accounts in motion in the company and serves to verify their respective balances debtors and creditors.
Cash Flow Statement (Cash Basis)
The Cash Flow Statement (DFC) indicates which were the inflows and outflows of cash (cash accounts) in the cash for the period and the result of the financial year.
Accrual Basis Report
This report presents in a summarized vertical form the result calculated in relation to the series of operations carried out during the year.
Balance Sheet
The Balance Sheet (BP) is the main existing financial statement (mandatory by law). It shows how the company's equity is actually reflecting its financial position at any given time (at the end of the year or at any predetermined date).
Balance Sheet ready for printing
In addition to the managerial view, the accounting journal worksheet automatically creates a balance sheet report for printing.
Summary of Accounting Entries
See in a control panel exactly what were the balances of assets, liabilities, shareholders' equity, incomes, expenses and final balance.

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