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Account Plan Registration
In the chart of accounts you will record the sources of operating revenues and non-operating revenues, separated by chart of accounts. This is important for future analysis.

Control of Accounts Receivable
Here you will register all your accounts receivable and update the progress with each receipt made. Make the registration by entering the expected date of receipt, the chart of accounts, the amount and the actual date of receipt.

General Report of Accounts Receivable
Here you find your consolidated results. You'll have an overview of your entire year and a stream of accounts receivable month by month.

Detailed Report by Chart of Accounts
You'll see the year-round flow of accounts receivable for each item in the chart of accounts. So you can make full analyzes of all your sources of income, month by month.

Accounts Receivable Dashboards
In this tab you will see your results graphically for easy visualization and speed up decision making. Quickly see the year overview, as well as the separation of operating and non-operating revenues.

Warning - this worksheet does not run in Mac Excel
Currently the Accounts Receivable worksheet only runs in the latest version of Excel from Windows (Excel 365).

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