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The cash flow spreadsheet is necessary for every business, to organize the income and expenses, now in version 4.0. It features 5 ready to analyze dashboards, automatic reporting, account sorting, and payment status tracking. Then you will be able to quickly visualize the financial health of your business to make safer decisions.

Registration of Types of Revenues

The worksheet follows the best practices of cash flow management. The first step is to create a chart of accounts. Then, you will begin by filling in the types of revenues of your business. This activity will help you to see your results by type on a monthly basis.

Registration of Types of Expenses

Then register your types of expenses. This activity will allow you to analyze your most relevant accounts: expenses with people, marketing, operational, etc.

Make Your Daily Entries

With the chart of accounts ready, you can post your separate cash income and expenses on monthly tabs to keep track of your daily balance. Also, determine the payment dates to track your accounts receivable and payable and what has actually been paid.

Track Your Daily Cash Flow

See the daily result of your inflow and outflow of cash. Find the best days of the month and the worst days. Make decisions to smooth your cash flow in the coming months.

Cash Flow Report

Track your income, expenses and profit/loss, profitability and balance accrued by the cash scheme. Learn in a simple and intuitive way if your company is winning the game.

Cash Flow Goals

Forecast income, expenses and compare goals to what was accomplished to have a reference to look for in the future.

Statement of Income for the Year

Track your results on an accrual basis. We generate a summary income statement (only with large accounts) and a detailed one to facilitate your financial analysis.

Values Not Paid

Keep track of the days when there are values without payment dates.

Bills to pay and receive

Keep track of your accounts payable and receivable in detail.

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