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Registration of Employees, Clients and Activities
Area to register your employees who perform visits, your clients and the activities performed in these meetings

Customer Visitor Control
Make the control of all the visits that your employees perform, marking the date, activity performed and customer visited. Automatically the spreadsheet already generates alerts of how many days are left before a visit is made and of possible delays or redials

General Customer Visitation Report
Keep track of the total number of scheduled visits, how many were made and how many were not on an explanatory chart and table

Analysis of Visits of an Employee
Choose an employee and a month to see all visits scheduled for him and their status

Analysis of Visits of a Client
Choose a client and a month to see all the visits scheduled for him that have been performed and those that are still to be performed

Customer Visitor Dashboard
Control panel with the main indicators of visits for the year and a monthly chart of follow-up visits by status

Employee and Customer Analysis Dashboards
To close the spreadsheet, there are still two more dashboards where, when selecting a customer or employee, you track the key metrics for visits related to them.

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