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Record the main competencies of your business, assess their importance to each of the positions and areas of your company and you will automatically see the matrix of competencies mapped by position, line of competencies and a managerial dashboard.

Register of Positions and Areas

Record the key areas/departments of your business and then register the key positions you want to map competencies.

Competency Registration

Make a complete list of up to 40 important competencies to your business and rate them as behavioral, technical, or strategic.

Weights of Competencies

Set up until 5 weights and their respective scores. Then you will be able to differentiate the importance of each competency for different positions.

Mapping Skills

See a complete competency matrix with weight mapping for each of the registered positions.

Competency Line

Choose a position and see the line of competencies for it, which shows exactly the importance needed to take that position in the company

Skills Dashboard

You will automatically follow a managerial dashboard that tells you the number of competencies registered, the percentages by categories and a comparative radar chart between two positions.

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