Complete Clinical Management Excel Spreadsheet Template


Register all your Patients, Health Insurance Plans, Materials, and Suppliers. Record all these items which are relevant to the management of your clinic.


Schedule all appointments with the Patients' details and update their status when they're completed.

Control of Materials Uses, and Purchases:

Record the uses and purchases of materials to get a complete stock report of the materials. The report will automatically show you when you need to purchase more materials.


Record all the monthly expenses of your clinic to get a financial overview.

Clinic Cash Flow:

As you complete your daily and monthly revenues, purchases, and expenses records, you will be able to view this automatic cash flow report with your clinic's key financial information.

Financial Dashboard:

See a financial control panel for your clinic with the key indicators and graphs to help you understand whether you are having a positive outcome month by month or not, and how much you have accrued.

Marked Appointments Report:

See exactly how many appointments you are having monthly and which health plans contributed most to this result.

Appointments Dashboard:

Quickly analyze the total number of Appointments, the revenue generated from it, and the average amount per query Appointments you received. Also, a chart helps you understand the monthly variation of each of these indicators.

Inventory Control Report:

Understand how many available items you have for registered materials in your inventory and receive automatic updates of the status of each material. Whenever a material is less than the minimum stock, you will receive a required purchase notice.

Health Plan Analysis:

Select a health insurance plan and see how many appointments, prescriptions, and percentages are related to that insurance plan.

Inventory Dashboard:

Select a material to get a complete report of the number of entries, exits, the current balance in stock, and minimum stock for that material.

Complete Clinical Management Excel Spreadsheet Template
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