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Registration of Customers, Health Plans, Materials and Suppliers
Record all the items that are relevant to complete management of your clinic.

Control and Analysis of Queries
Scheduling all queries that are checked and, whenever you want, review all queries scheduled for a particular day.

Control of Use of Materials, Purchases and Expenses
Record all use of materials to understand when they are ending. That way you know exactly when you will need to buy more and you will have control of these purchases and related expenses

Clinic Cash Flow
As you complete your query, revenue, purchase, and expense records, you are automatically able to view this report with your clinic's key financial information

Financial Dashboard
See a financial control panel for your clinic with the key indicators and graphs you need to understand if you are having a positive outcome month by month and how much you have accrued.

Marked Queries Report
See exactly how many consultations you are having monthly and which health plans most contribute to this result.

Query Dashboard
Quickly analyze the total number of queries, the revenue generated from it, and the average amount per query you receive. Also a chart makes you understand how the monthly variation of each of these indicators is.

Inventory Control Report
Understand how much available items you have for material registered in your inventory and receive automatic updates of the status of each of them. Whenever a material is less than the minimum stock, you will receive a required purchase notice.

Inventory Dashboard
According to a chosen material, visualize a graph with the quantity of entries, exits, current balance in stock and minimum stock.

Health Plan Analysis
Under a selected health plan, you can see for each of the months of the year how many appointments, prescriptions, and percentages related to that he provided for his clinic

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