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Register the Customers, Sellers and Types of Contracts
The first step of the worksheet is the register of customers and vendors that you want to associate with your contracts, as well as the types of contracts you are going to manage.

Record the Contracts.
Enter the main information regarding each contract as effective date, due date, responsible seller, among other items and see a control of the expiration and renewal of contracts

Contract Analysis Dashboard
Track a control panel on a single screen with key metrics related to managing your contracts

Review a contract briefly!
Choose a contract of your choice and make an analysis with your key information.

Monitor monthly contract receipts
Have an overview of the amounts received for each of the contracts registered month by month.

View the result of all contracts recorded in your worksheet.
Through the general report you can do the analysis of all the contracts that you recorded in the worksheet.

Analysis Report by Seller or Customer
Choose a customer or seller and see key information related to closed contracts and monthly traded values.

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