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Card Registration and Start Use
Make a record of all the credit cards you use, the start date of the spreadsheet calculation, and record the closing and payment days of the invoice for each of the options

Use of Credit Cards
For each time you use any credit card registered in the spreadsheet, post the expense, specifying the date it was made, the amount of the purchase, the amount of installments, and a specification to assist you in controlling

Amounts to be paid, payments and defaults
View reports with all amounts payable monthly, according to the postings made and fill in the payments that were actually made and related delinquent amounts for each of the months of the year

Automatic Payment Control
Depending on the payments you make, the worksheet already performs an automatic check against the invoices for each of the months and shows you for each of the registered cards whether the amounts have been paid or are open

Automatic Invoice Generation
Choose a card and a month to see all the values ​​and specifications of your personal invoice

Credit Card Control Dashboard
See the number of cards registered, the total amount spent in the analyzed period, the monthly average of invoices, and a spending chart per month in this control panel ready.

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