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Card Registration
Registration of up to 20 different flags of cards, with up to 5 different rates for each flag. Register a fee for debit payments, one-time credit, installment credit in a few installments and installment credit in many installments.

Card Sales Launch
Make the registration of all your sales on the card, registering the date of sale, the value, the flag of the card and the type of payment.

General Analysis Dashboard
View the total net receipts expected to go into your account after card rate rebates. Enjoy to see a top5 of the flags that move the most money in your company.

Comparison Dahsboard between Cards
Choose two cards and compare your results to a visual and simple dashboard to understand.

Total Receipts per Day
Know how much you are expected to receive from each flag, every day of each month.

Total Receipts per Month
Learn how much you will receive month by month, separated by each flag.

Receipts Projection
Know when you will receive each of the installments, as well as the total discounted and the total to receive per month.

Card Analysis Dashboard
Choose a card and see all of its data compared to your business totals. Understand your rates and for which types of usage it is most commonly used.

Dashboard with Sales Detailing
Make a comparison of your sales and installments for each of your cards and understand exactly how much this can impact your cash.

Simulation of Anticipation
Precise your receivables, knowing exactly how much you will receive after being deducted from all fees.

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