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After calculating all direct costs, it is time to evaluate how much you will incur in taxes on the event that will be sold. You can estimate a tax rate directly or use your tax model in more detail. Ask your counter for help to update the auxiliary tables.

Direct Event Costs
You will then have a space to list an estimate of the direct costs you will incur in the event. At the bottom of the page, you can also list costs specific to the stages of the event design project.

Professionals and their Allocations
This tab is for you to make the allocations of salaried professionals of your company, but will work in the making of the event. Professionals hired punctually with closed value should be posted as direct costs. The purpose of this tab is to calculate the expense with your team's professionals from the committed man-hour.

Here, in fact, pricing occurs. With all event costs estimated, you set your expectation of profit and set the final price that should be charged to the customer.

Event Data
Begin by filling in the event data: contractor, contacts and description. Also enter the start date of the event planning project, the date of the event itself, and the number of steps in which you want to separate the project that will culminate in the event.

Lessons Learned
Finally, review whether your allocations were successful or if you need to improve this estimate at upcoming events. You can also analyze charts with the results of the spreadsheet and print a report automatically configured for printing on A4 paper with everything seen in the spreadsheet.

Point of Equilibrium
After you calculate break even, analyze how many events like this one being priced need to be sold for you to pay for your fixed costs. Go back to the pricing tab and increase your profit margin if you find it necessary.

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