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Hospital or Clinic Registration
Area to register the name of the hospital, month and year of analysis and the current cadres of doctors, nurses, beds, etc.

Registry of Indicators of the Hospital
Tabs for recording and daily control of indicators related to patients, nutrition (feeding), laundry and medicines

Patient Dashboard
It includes indicators of average patients per day, stay rate in days, occupancy rate and hospital mortality rate, as well as daily charts with the number of admissions, exits and attendances

Dashboard of Nutrition (Food)
Includes indicators of quantity of meals consumed, average per day, division by patients, companions and employees, as well as daily charts with the amount of meals and waste

Laundry Dashboard
Includes indicators of the amount of laundry (kg), laundry, the number of employees per kg of clothing and reprocessing rate, as well as daily graphics with the amount of laundry x laundry and percentage of reprocessing.

Drug Dashboard
Includes indicators of total drug spending, quantity of drugs purchased, daily average, as well as dynamic and daily charts with spending per day of the month and indication of the main drugs (by price or use)

General Dashboard
General hospital dashboard with key spreadsheet charts and indicators

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