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General Premises Registry
In the first tab of the spreadsheet, you'll set some information about your sales funnel, CRM and loss details and possible indications.

Customer and Sellers Registration
In the following tabs, you will have a list of the data of your clients' data with several details and another with information of your sellers

Negotiation Control
With your customers ', vendors' and product / service registrations done, you'll be able to control all your business negotiations in a snap.

Definition of Goals by Sellers
The worksheet also has a complete area for you to set the sales targets for each salesperson on a monthly basis, automatically creating a general goal

General Report
Finally, all of the information entered in the worksheet is compiled into a general report that lets you evaluate your company's performance from a variety of perspectives.

Sales Funnel Report
Here you can follow up with this is the success rate of each of the steps of your negotiations monthly or a general compilation of every month. With these data, analyze steps that are with poor success rate and better to sell more and more

Customer, CRM and Vendor Reports
Also see specific reports with information on which sellers had the best results on a monthly basis, which profiles (demographic, psychographic, geographic, or behavioral) perform best, and ultimately analyze which were your best customers

The worksheet has 4 control panels that are updated automatically. In the first you see the overall result for the year, in the second, choose a month and see its indicators, the third track the performance of sellers and to close has charts showing the performance of each of the customer profiles registered

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