GE McKinsey Matrix Excel Spreadsheet Template

GE McKinsey Matrix Excel Spreadsheet Template will help you prioritize business units based on the strength and attractiveness of the market in which this unit operates.

Areas and Employees Registration

Record the key areas and employees of your business.

Market Attractiveness Analysis x Competitive Strength

For each business unit evaluated, give a note regarding the attractiveness of the market in which this unit operates and another note in relation to its competitive strength. As a result, you already see the rank in the GE / McKinsey matrix for each U.N. of your business.

GE / McKinsey Matrix

Ready visualization of the GE / McKinsey matrix in its 3x3 format (low, medium, high). Here you can see how many business units fall into each of the classifications

Individual Analysis of Business Units

Choose a business unit and see its indicators, classification and GE / McKinsey matrix chart if you automatically update dynamically,

Action plans

Create action plans for your business units so that they evolve according to matrix feedback.

Matrix Quadrant Analysis

Simple and objective report with the number of business units per master quadrant of the matrix and with the tips that can help you to evolve in each one of them

Action Plans Report

Area with a timely analysis so you understand whether you are creating action plans for all business units or whether you have prioritized one or the other.

GE / McKinsey Matrix Dashboard

Scoreboard with graphs and data on the possible scores per business unit, the general average of your company, the U.N. which had the highest score and the one with the lowest score.

Action Plans Dashboard

Control panel shown on a single screen with key data and charts related to action plans.

GE McKinsey Matrix Excel Spreadsheet Template
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