Group Interview Assessment Excel Spreadsheet Template

Selective Process and Group Dynamics Interview Information

Record the main information about the step of the group dynamic of your selection process and you will see automatically the number and percentage of approved according to the filling of the worksheet.

Candidate Registration

Record the names and essential information from the candidates who will participate in this group dynamics.

Skills and Weights

For a good dynamic, it is necessary for you to know what you are going to evaluate, and nothing better than to focus on competencies and prioritize which ones are most important to your business.

Evaluation of Group Dynamics

Compile the notes for each of the competencies by candidate, note feedbacks and define which will be approved for the next phases in an objective and supported way.

Candidate Report

Choose a candidate and see all the grades he has taken for each skills, track the average of the other candidates and you will see an automatic comparative chart.

Group Dynamics Dashboard

Control panel with key information, indicators and graphs that are automatically generated from group dynamics.

Group Interview Assessment Excel Spreadsheet Template
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