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Materials Record
The first configuration of the worksheet before you start controlling your locations is the complete registration of your materials. In addition to the name of each of them, you must also place the purchase price, date of purchase, depreciation rate and the amount of the daily, weekly and monthly lease.

Customer and Supplier Registration
Then, you must register all your suppliers and customers. These data will be important for the correct completion of each location.

Rent Control
For each month of the year, you will have a tab to register all rents for your materials from that period. For each rental, you can fill the customer, date of withdrawal, delivery date that the worksheet will calculate the earnings automatically.

Monthly Earnings Report
Automatically, the worksheet will aggregate all data from the rental record tabs and will generate a earnings report per material per month and also a total earnings per customer.

Material Report
In this report, you will be able to see the total generated by each material and check if it has already covered the purchase price of the same.

Lease Dashboard
Finally, the spreadsheet will generate a lease dashboard in which you can review each asset for the period you want, and check how many leases were made, the revenue generated, and the idle rate.

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