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Ingredients Registration
In the first moment of the worksheet, you must register all the ingredients used in your kitchen defining your unit of measure and cost.

Classification of Revenues and Units of Measure
Along with the ingredients, you can create classification for your recipes and also customize the units of measure used.

Costs Sheets
Then you will enter into the focus of the spreadsheet which are 20 technical sheets of your dishes in which you can fill in the name, the classification, the ingredients, the way of preparation and more!

Sales Control
Record the sales of each of the registered dishes as datasheets to know your revenues, costs and the result of these sales

Sales Report
Monthly monitoring of the results obtained with the sale of the dishes in your establishment

Ranking of the Dishes
See exactly which dishes have generated you a better result by a simple ranking to analyze

Control panel with the main indicators and graphs obtained with the sales follow-up and registration of the technical data sheets and plates of your restaurant, bar or snack bar

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