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Choice of Indicators
Record all the indicators you will control with the worksheet and to which areas they are related

All the results of the indicators are compared with the established goals and the results of the previous year according to the percentage limits that you stipulate here

Monthly Tracking
3 tabs for you to record the monthly tracking of goals, your current and previous year's results to make comparisons and make strategic decisions

Action plans
Draw action plans aiming at accomplishing all the established goals. The management program aims to verify that the actions initially planned are being carried out and give effective results

Indicators panel
Panel with the list of all the indicators registered in the worksheet and their respective results and comparative with goal and previous year

Analysis by Indicator
Choose an indicator and view all the results (from the current year, the previous year and the goals) and the percentages related to each month to understand if you are good or bad in this KPI

Analysis of Action Plans
Report with the monthly follow up of the status of the action plans, so that you know exactly if you are completing the tasks you are doing or if you need to try harder on some issues.

Indicator Select Dashboard
Choose an indicator and see a control panel ready automatically with the main information and graphics

Indicator and Goal Management Dashboard
Dashboard with room to select and compare all key information from up to 4 different KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on the system itself. It aims to summarize the result of the indicator in a monthly and graphical way, besides including the cadastral data, comparison with the target and with the previous year.

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