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Ingredients Registration
Record all the ingredients used in your pizzas and determine the unit of measure of each of them to help you in the use and management of the worksheet

Register of Pizzas and Ingredients Used
Record all the pizzas your establishment sells, determine their selling prices and ingredients used to understand the cost of them

Purchasing and Expenses Control
Area for daily registration of expenses with costs (with ingredients) and general expenses (with personnel, marketing and related to the operation of the pizzeria)

Sales and Order Control
Area to record daily sales, determine which pizzas and beverages were ordered, see the order value and determine whether it is for delivery or pick-up on the spot

Delivery Tracking
Choose the day of the month and see all the orders that were made that day and which deliveries need to be made

Sales and Orders Report
Keep track of for each day of the month the number of sales made, the average ticket for those sales, and the percentage of orders for delivery that were made in comparison to the total number of orders taken at the place

Ingredient Inventory Report
See exactly how many ingredients you still have in stock and never get on hand because you do not have the main inputs needed to make your pizzas

Monthly Cash Flow
See for each of the days of the month the amount of recipes that came in, ingredients purchase costs, pizzeria overhead costs and financial result for the day and for the month as a whole

General and Financial Dashboard
Follow two control panels with the main indicators and charts in the worksheet. In the first, you will follow the total of orders and see for each day of the month the total orders for delivery and withdrawal. In the other you will see the daily cash flow in a visual chart and the most important financial indicators for your pizza restaurant

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