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Register your employees' worksheets monthly and automatically calculate the overtime to be paid or the balance of hours in the hours bank!

Record Major Percentages of Overtime

Enter overtime percentages so that the worksheet automatically calculates overtime values ​​on weekdays, weekends, night, inter-paid, intra-paid, holidays, and DSR.

Working Time

Make the record of the workday of your employees, so the worksheet can automatically perform the calculations and you will be able to print the worksheet.

Timesheet Control

In this worksheet, you will be able to make monthly check of your employee's timesheet. Here the worksheet identifies automatically the overtime and also on which day of the week the month starts.

Annual Results

Look the summary of the month for all months of the year for a given employee, then know the total number of hours worked, total overtime and the amount of overtime due according to the employee's hourly work value.

Printing Sheet

Print your employees' point sheet automatically.

Overtime Control dashboard

Track a dashboard with a breakdown of your employees' overtime indicators and charts.

Control of Night Extras and Minutes of Delay

The spreadsheet has an intelligence to control and calculate night overtime and delays or advances of up to 10 minutes in accordance with current laws.
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