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The Patient Medical Record Spreadsheet Template is a great way to manage and record your patients history.

Features of the Patient Medical Record Spreadsheet Template

Patient Data

Note the key information related to the patient under analysis.

Anamnesis and Background

Fill in the fields indicating if the patient has or presented any disease or illness, and better understand the current and past conditions of the patient.

Scheduling Queries

Area to follow all appointments scheduled, held and canceled with the patient.

Examination Accompaniment

Area to follow all scheduled exams, whether they were performed or not, and also to check if the results are within normal or not.

Current History

A ready report that shows the main information filled in, patient consultation and examination data.

Patient’s Medical Record

Once all the data is completed, you will be able to have a medical chart ready for printing and after that, to be signed by the patient attesting the information that has been passed.

Doctor’s prescription

Ready-to-print area where you can prescribe medicines or treatments.

Monthly Query and Exam Report

Keep track of key information from appointments and exams (scheduled and done) month by month.

Patient Dashboard

Control panel with key patient information on a single screen. Here you can see data such as the percentage of exams within normality, date of last consultation performed and explanatory monthly charts.

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