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Employee Receipt

The worksheet allows you to print the full payroll of each employee.

Registration of Charges
The worksheet automatically calculates all charges and taxes based on the current tables.

Register of Positions and Wages
Register up to 40 different positions and salaries, with this data, you can make the future controls.

Employee Registration
Register up to 50 employees per spreadsheet, informing personal data, position, salary, number of dependents and vacation period.

The spreadsheet automatically calculates all overtime calculations based on the rates stipulated by the user.

Detailed Reports
You have quick and direct access to the data posted to your payroll. Have a detailed month-to-month report of all your company's HR and DP expenses.

Dashboard Payroll
The dashboard is a dashboard that shows you the major spendings throughout the year with your payroll in a simple and more visual way with key charts and indicators. Use to observe the data in a direct and effective way.

Holiday Receipt and 13th for Printing
Choose the employee and see the holiday receipts and thirteenth ready for print

Employee Follow-Up
Check employees monthly by writing overtime, benefits and bonuses given, and several other details

Attention this worksheet does not run on older versions of Excel (XLS)
Currently the payroll worksheet only runs on recent versions of Excel in Windows (from Excel 2010)

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