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Manage your personal trainer business with facility using this simple but powerful Personal Trainer Excel Spreadsheet Template template with no monthly costs or complex web software systems. Personalize it as you want using basic excel skills.

Main Features of the Personal Trainer Excel Spreadsheet Template

Student Registration and Control

Record all of your students and keep track of how many classes have been hired and how many have already been held, so you know which ones are in effect and which ones you need to renew.

Price and Plan Registration

Register up to 5 different types of plans with price variations for single lessons, combos, monthly fees or annuities.

Monthly Control of Receipts and Payments

Record all the income and expenses that you plan to have. After that you can make a control of what was paid and what was not to automatically see a ready cash flow and several other reports.

Classroom Scale

Take a weekly check of all scheduled classes and control by yourself later for no commitment to your students.

Payment Control

See exactly all payments received month by month to each of your students. If you have someone who has not yet paid, make punitive payments to keep the cash flow always positive.

Cash flow

Demonstrative financial control essential to know if your activity as a personal trainer is giving positive results or not.

Financial Dashboard

Complete financial overview shown in a practical management control panel.

Student Analysis Dashboard

Choose a student and see the key information related to him, from the personal data to the number of classes contracted and how much is left for the contract ends.

Plans Analysis Dashboard

See, month by month, the best selling plans and the details of their evolution in quantity and income.

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