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Market Benchmark
The analysis of prime cost always takes into account a standard market benchmark. If you are in more competitive markets, you can change the values ​​without problems.

Revenue Stream
Area for registering your monthly bar or restaurant recipes

CMV - Cost of Goods Sold
Area for registering the CMV (cost with goods sold) of your monthly bar or restaurant. Here you can add ingredients, purchase of utensils, fees, etc.

CMO - Labor Cost
Area for the CMO registration (labor cost) of your monthly bar or restaurant. Here you can add expenses with cooks, cupbearers, cleaners, waiters, etc.

Prime Cost Analysis
Tab to analyze your prime cost monthly automatically. You can also view a chart comparing with the maximum and minimum standards set in the worksheet.

Analysis of Revenues and Annual Costs
Comparative tables showing total revenues, CMV and CMO, as well as their percentages for the year.

Prime Cost Dashboard
Control panel with explanatory charts, with the main indicators and also with feedback of your prime cost according to the information placed in the worksheet

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