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In this tab you will record the raw materials used, the final products (specifying whether they will be produced in volume or not) and the taxes / commissions related to the sales of the products.

For each registered product, set the prorated labor costs for it, packaging costs, markup, taxes, commissions, and see the suggested final price

Break Even Point Analysis
Enter your company's fixed costs and find out the contribution margin and the overall break-even point for your business.

Calculation of the Point of Balance by Product
Choose a product and see your break-even point according to the percentage of ownership it has in your sales.

Comparison of Prices with Competition
Enter the prices of your competitors and find out if you are being competitive with them.

Report with Sales Scenarios
Put the sales result you have made for each product in a given period and compare it to the break-even point you see to see if you are able to pay the bills or not

Report with the top 10 list for higher priced products, with higher contribution margin, main competitors and fixed costs

At the end, visualize two control panels with the main indicators and graphs relating to the pricing of your company's products. One with general data and another where you choose a product and compare your results with the average company

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