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Manage your real estate owners, tenants, real estate managers and manage rents, sales and accounts receivable from all operations.

Owner Registration

You are able to register the property owners in agreement with your company.

Tenant and Buyers Registration

You can register real estate tenants in rental agreements and buyers for possible sales.

Real Estate Registration

You can register the real estate managed by you or by your real estate agent.

Rental and Sales Control

Keep track of all rents on a daily basis (expiration date, values ​​and status) and all sales already made.

Bills to receive

Area to control all accounts receivable and record of what was received or not, for control of defaults and facility to make collections of arrears.


After the registrations you can already see the 3 main reports of your real estate month by month. One for general analysis of sales and rentals, other for individual analysis by owner and the other for accounts receivable and default analysis.

Real Estate Rental Control Dashboards

The worksheet automatically consolidates 3 control panels with the main indicators and graphics of real estate rental control of your real estate, other one with a general analysis, another individual by owner and another of default.

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