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A full SaaS Financial model 3 Pricing Tiers (Monthly & Annual Billing) to back-up your business plan.


After the great popularity of the Simple SaaS Financial model, I’ve decided to create an enhanced version of the SaaS financial model with 3 offerings and the ability to plan the contract length (monthly & annual) of each offering.

This SaaS financial model template in Excel provides you with a comprehensive plan for an early-stage SaaS startup and allows you to build your own SaaS financial forecast.

Inside of the SaaS financial plan, you will find step-by-step instructions with links to input tabs so that you can create your first forecast with ease.

I attempted to make the SaaS financial model extremely flexible so it can be adapted to numerous types of SaaS businesses.

Creating a long-term financial forecast is a time-expensive effort! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Save your valuable time and considerable effort and use best practice financial models.

What’s inside the model? Who is this for? Who can benefit from the model?

A company that markets a SaaS solution via its website, gets most of its site visitors through online or offline marketing, and then visitors convert through 3 tiered conversions.

From visitors to sales opportunities, from sales opportunities to engaged sales opportunities and finally from engaged sales opportunities to deals.

In this way, sales funnel moves visitors to the new paying customers using conversion rates by tier.


Thus, in this SaaS model, the key drivers of are:

  • marketing budget
  • customer acquisition costs,
  • conversion rate,
  • regular price, and
  • churn rate…..

The spreadsheet is largely self-explanatory but pop-up comments have been added to input cells to help you better understand the model inputs. These can be accessed by selecting the interested cell.

This model is constantly improved and updated with more metrics, charts, and features.

SaaS Financial Model with 3 offerings (Monthly & Annual Billing) template contains the following:

  • 3 (three) pricing tiers
  • monthly contracts
  • annual contracts
  • Solid headcount planning
  • Visibility into “MRR movements”
  • Cash-flow planning
  • SaaS Metrics and KPIs
  • Other Charts

SaaS Financial Model with 3 offerings (Monthly & Annual Billing) template calculates SaaS Metrics to rely on:

  • new customers vs. lost customers (churn);
  • total number of active users;
  • new trials and trial-to-paid leads generated;
  • churn rate (how many users unsubscribe each month);
  • MRR (monthly recurring revenue discussed above);
  • average lifetime revenue.

Based on these metrics, the SaaS financial model predicts how your business should operate within a forecasted time period.

Extra features you should know about:

  • this SaaS startup financial model includes all needed details for you to understand your customer movement dynamics;
  • you can manage the price of offerings and % churn from year to year;
  • SaaS Financial Model does provide you with customer acquisition cost assumptions - which is essential.

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