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Wheel of Life
When thinking about actions for your self-development, use the wheel of life to know whether actions are balanced between all the fields important to your personal and professional well-being

Self-Assessment Internal Factors
On these topics you will raise your personal strengths and weaknesses by targeting and evaluating each one of them.

Self Evaluation External Factors
Now you can evaluate the environment that is inserted. Seeing the opportunities and threats that surround them, giving relevance and order of priority to them.

Self Assessment Matrix
Area to view the top5 strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and separate threats in an easy-to-view

Assess how your strengths and weaknesses impact the chance of opportunities and threats occurring and think of offensive, defensive, confrontational and reinforcement strategies to get the best of you

Action plan
Area to define important actions for your personal development

The spreadsheet has 3 auto-ready reports, one of the general self-assessment, another of the action plans, and a third sheet with the main spreadsheet data

You still have access to 2 control panels to see your key personal indicators and understand your self assessment in a visual and simple way

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