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Team and Staff Registration
Area to register all employees of your company involved with strategic planning and who may have some function of executing the action plans drawn up

Organizational Identity - Mission, Vision and Values
Define the Vision, Mission and Values ​​of your company in the first section of this Worksheet. Also define the time frame for which you are doing your Strategic Planning (1, 3 or 5 years).

Global Targets and Targets by Area
Set your company's global goals and specific goals for each of the top 6 management areas of your business.

Business Diagnostics
Make your company's Business Diagnostics with our tool integrated with this Worksheet. You'll be able to discover the management maturity level of your business based on factoring the key areas of your business: Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and People Management.

Matrix BCG
Define strategies for the products or services in your portfolio with the help of the BCG Matrix. The BCG Matrix helps to classify whether the product or service is a Dairy Cow, a Pineapple, a Questioning, or a Star.

SWOT matrix
One of the most used strategy tools for managers for many decades, Spreadsheet comes as a unique flap for you to make your SWOT Matrix that will help you identify the competitive potential of your business.

Value Curve
To make your Strategy it is important to chart your Value Curve in comparison to your competitors and other competitors. In this section of the Worksheet you can make your Value Curve easily and quickly, with all the results appearing on the screen as you fill in the information.

In the strategy tab you can, in addition to plotting the goals for the period of your planning, also monitor its execution. So you already find out if your strategy is being fulfilled successfully or not, and you can make changes at any time.

Action plans
There is no point in plotting a strategy and not executing it, so the complete strategic management worksheet comes with a specific section so you can file action plans based on 5W2H for your goals and can link accountable, deadline, and link each action plan. action to a specific goal.

Diagnostic Reports, SWOT Analysis, Strategy and Action Plans
Spreadsheet also comes with several tabs with reports that summarize everything that has been done so far, showing indicators with the execution data of goals and action plans.

Diagnostic Dashboards, Sectoral Analysis, Strategies and Action Plans
There are 6 complete control panels with the main indicators and graphs of the strategic management worksheet, allowing you to follow your results in a visual way and make decisions based on concrete information and data.

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