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Inventory Template for Excel FAQ

What is inventory management, and how do I track my inventory?

Inventory or stock management is a part of the supply chain process that covers sourcing, storing, and selling raw materials and finished goods. Small businesses can track inventory in an Excel spreadsheet, where the number of stored and required-to-reorder units are recorded. Our inventory management template can be downloaded both in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. 

How do I maintain inventory in Excel?

With the pre-set formulas in an inventory Excel template, maintaining inventory is easy. You can choose the necessary document, download it, and start filling in the data. Excel will do all the calculations. 

LUZ Templates offer various spreadsheets that accomplish different goals. For example, an inventory label template for Excel is for monitoring labeling. 

How can LUZ Templates help me be more effective?

With a variety of Excel inventory control templates from LUZ Templates, you can cover the following tasks:

  • General inventory control

With our small business inventory spreadsheet template, you can store all the inventory-related data in one place. You can filter or search for units by price, ID number, name, or description. Moreover, value and quantity are automatically calculated.

  • Supply chain management

An Excel inventory template with formulas can encompass all supply chain processes. A small business can keep track of procurement, and logistics, identify risks and maintain overall visibility in a single Excel spreadsheet.

  • Food inventory control

We offer a food inventory control template in Excel for small businesses. Track the expiration dates of your stocks to optimize the accompanying costs. 

  • Asset tracking 

Inventory isn’t limited to stock only. You may need to track the number and quality of assets like furniture and equipment. For this, LUZ Templates offers an inventory list template

  • Equipment management

Store all the equipment-related data (value, loan balances, conditions, depreciation) in a single Excel inventory template. Monitor the data to sell the equipment timely and avoid significant financial losses.

  • Home inventory listing

Record what inventory you store at home to get full compensation in case of an emergency like a natural disaster. Record the type of inventory, as well as its price and condition.

  • Personal inventory listing

As with home inventory listing, you may want to keep track of personal belongings in Excel for any reason. 

  • Software inventory management

Small businesses need to monitor the state of hardware and software. You can record the condition of PCs and accessories in an Excel inventory template. Besides, track the expiration dates of software licenses to make timely repurchases.

How do I analyze inventory in a spreadsheet?

An Excel inventory analysis template allows a small business to analyze inventory in many ways. For example, you can filter the units according to the quantity to determine what needs to be repurchased. Or you can determine the most popular products: find the unit with the highest number of reorders. 

How do I automate inventory management?

Excel allows small businesses to automate inventory management. With the predetermined formulas, the software calculates the quantity or the number of goods to reorder automatically. Select the necessary inventory control template and customize it!

What are the pros and cons of an excel inventory spreadsheet?

The advantages excel inventory spreadsheet:

  • Affordable – LUZ templates charge low costs
  • Customizable – Adjust any inventory template according to your business needs
  • Multi-formatted – Download an Excel template in any file type

The disadvantages excel inventory spreadsheet:

  • May not be suitable for large companies that need to store a lot of files in a single place
  • Requires manual entries of barcodes. Inventory management software, for example, supports QR-scanning.