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Register your customers (CRM) and make sales analysis according to the defined characteristics.

General Assumptions

Start by filling out the general assumptions of customer segmentation in your spreadsheet. They will define the parameters you will use to differentiate customer groups in reports. Also fill in customer profile types, leads (customer first contact forms with the company), and customer location options.


In the Register section, you will feed your customer base with contact data and segmentations chosen in the general assumptions, as well as sellers and sales targets.

Sales Control

Control your negotiations and completed sales by pulling the data of clients, sellers, region and other registrations already carried out in the spreadsheet.

General Reports

Follow consolidated monthly results and consult general reports by segment, by defined profile and customer location.

Specific Reports

Choose a customer, a segment, or a geographic location to see all the detailed sales and billing information related to each one.


Look the results of your spreadsheet in two visual control panels with the main indicators and charts of your CRM (customer relationship management).

Comparative Dashboards

Choose a month and see a comparison between the results of this month's income in relation to the previous one and in relation to the goals established for that same period.

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