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Product Registration
Area for registering up to 500 products or services.

Direct Costs 
Table automatically generated according to the products or services inserted, simply filling in the direct costs related to each of them.

Fixed Costs 
The fixed costs will be apportioned between the products to calculate the individual balance point.

Calculation of Contribution Margin and Company Average Balance Point
Automatically find out what the overall contribution margin of your business is and how many products / services on average need to be sold so that you reach your break-even point

Calculation of the Point of Equilibrium by Product
In addition to the general analysis of the balance point of your company, you can make specific analyzes for each of the products registered in the spreadsheet.

Product or Service Analysis Reports
Track the difference between projected sales and revenues versus what you need to get to break even

Competitor Analysis
Compare your price and positioning with that of your competitors and receive personalized advice.

Expense Report
Track a ranking with the products that have the highest costs and the main fixed costs of your business

General Dashboard
General dashboard showing the number of products registered, how many reached the break-even point and makes graphical comparisons between the average sales figures, fixed costs and contribution margin

Product Review Dashboard
Choose a product and see the main indicators it has when it reaches break even and follow charts comparing it to the average of other products

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