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Analysis for 3, 5 or 10 years
When you purchase this worksheet you will receive 3 Excel files with analysis versions for 3, 5 and 10 years.

Availability of capital
Indicate how much capital you have available to invest in the project. The worksheet will automatically tell you if this capital is sufficient according to the projections you made.

Initial Investments
The first step for a Feasibility Study is to identify your initial costs and in this worksheet, you can put each of them in detail. In addition, you can add a periodic depreciation rate.

Capital Availability Dashboard
According to the data you fill in the worksheet, find out how many months you can stay in the negative, follow a capital availability chart, and see related indicators.

Defining the price of your products and / or services is the first step to start making your sales projections and discover the feasibility of your idea, project or business.

Sales Projections
Set the projected sales quantity for each of the months of your feasibility study.

Fixed Costs
It is the time to set all your fixed costs, including when start and end, and to be able to set a recurring rate.

Projected Report
See your consolidated projection and key viability indicators: NPV, IRR, Discounted Payback and time to break.

Capital Availability Monitoring
See month by month how your projected cash balance is to make sure it will not going to red in any time.

Feasibility Dashboard
Track the key indicators and viability charts (NPV, TIR and Discounted Payback) in a control panel.

Optimistic Projection
Make an optimistic projection with facility, modifying important indicators of your project, such as projections of income, costs and investments.

Pessimistic Projection
Make a pessimistic projection with facility, modifying important indicators of your project, such as projections of income, costs and investments.

Scenario Comparison Dashboard
Quickly compare the result of realistic, pessimistic and optimistic projections to get an overview of your project possibilities.

Projection Dashboard
Choose one of the years of your study and see important charts such as EBITDA versus free profit or the comparison of expenses in the year in question.

Financial Dashboard
According to the data placed in the initial parts of the spreadsheet, see a control panel with your main projected financial information.

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