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Register of HR Positions

The first part of the Worksheet is for the company's main registers. It is the Register of Positions of the company where it is possible to register the position’s name, the type of position (Operational, Managerial or Board) and the salary of each position.

Employee Registration

After registering positions, it is time to register the employees of the company and all relevant information such as: Name, gender, schooling, date of birth, date of admission and job selection. You can register up to 200 employees.

Other Registrations

The spreadsheet also comes with a part for you to do other types of records that interest you in your Human Resources. This tab comes with ready-made suggestions from our team, but if you want, you can make modifications.

Financial control

Area to record the company's monthly revenues, expenses and leaf expenses.

Employee Control

Here you will record the main information that will generate your HR indicators, such as: launching vacations and licenses, dismissals, training, promotions and absences.

HR Indicator Reports

In this section of the Worksheet all the information shown is generated automatically based on your records and postings of your Human Resources. Here are the most diverse HR Indicators separated by sections such as: General, Turnover, Absenteeism, Team Profile, HR Events, Revenues and Costs.

Human Resource Indicators Dashboards

Like all Light Spreadsheets, the HR Spreadsheet comes with a dashboard section for you to see key metrics and graphs related to turnover, team profile, finances, events, and alerts.

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