Vendor - How to Add Your Spreadsheet to LUZ Marketplace

Registering your spreadsheet is easy, just follow these steps:

Registering as a Vendor

  1. Click on the button sign-up now
  2. You’ll be redirected to our marketplace software MARKETCUBE.IO
  3. Fill your name, email and choose a password
  4. In a few minutes you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail
  5. Click on the email link to validate your account
  6. Login into marketcube with the e-mail and password provided

Step 1: Update your profile

  1. Finish your user profile by adding your
  2. Address information
  3. Business information (if you have one)
  4. Brand Information (we strongly advise you to have a log or provide your own picture as this will be part of your storefront / profile that customer can checkout in luz templates website).

Step 2: Set up your payment service provider (optional)

  1. It says its optional, but its not.
  2. If you already have a stripe account, log in in the upper right hand side link that says “Already have a Stripe account? Sign in”
  3. You’ll be redirected to a Stripe page
  4. Enter your login and password
  5. After you have succesfully connected your account, click on the dashboard link or Maketcube logo to return to dashboard
  6. You can do the same process for Paypal if it’s your preference of choice

Product Registration Rules

Before adding your product, make sure you read through the following rules:

  • Product image - we will standardize all product images to be screenshots. So no more stock images, name/title, discount percentages or excel logo will be allowed.
  • Product Name - words like "save time", "order", "buy", "try", etc. won't be allowed. Only the product name with its main purpose e.g. "Wedding Shop Financial Projection" added to "Excel Template".
  • External links - links to external websites or stores won't be allowed.
  • Tags - we will define the tags in order to better organize the website navigation, filters and SEO.

Step 3: Add product(s)

  1. Click on add products
  2. You can choose different ways to add your products
  3. Most lilkely you will start this by using the form option
  4. Add title (view title guidelines)
  5. Add Description (view description guidelines)
  6. Add Images (view images guidelines)
  7. Add Pricing (view pricing guidelines)
  8. There’s no need to fill inventory since this is a digital product
  9. No need to fill shipping as well
  10. We don’t advise using variants as it lowers your chance for SEO ranking. For example, if you have a pricing spreadsheet that has a retail and a service version, add them as separate products for better chances of sales with organic traffic.
  11. Click Submit
  12. After succesfully submiting the product you must send the spreadsheet file through email as the marketcube app doesn’t support file submission at this time

We will review your product and approve it (or disapprove with a feedback about the adjustmens necessary

Step 4: Additional Setting

No other setting needs to be adjusted at this time.