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Mission and Vision Statements
Register your business name, the starting year, and how long will be your plan. On this same tab, you should also define your mission, vision, and values for the period.

Goals Setting
This section has to be filled with all global goals for the period and on its second tab related to specific indicators separated by all 4 BSC Perspectives: Financial, Customers, internal processes and learning and growth! 

Goals Monthly Breakdown
For each Perspective , you can set up to 8 monthly breakdowns to follow-up on r results. For each goal, you can set a monthly planned vs actual visualization.

Action Plans for each Goal
For each goal that has been detailed, you can create action plans describing the initiative, defining a responsible, and its deadline. This will generate automatically a status alert based on TODAY´s date.

General Follow-Up Report
Follow-up each Perspective performance on its planned activities and the percentage of success on action plan conclusion.

Global Goals Alert Report
This report shows the development of each goals setting specific alerts and suggestions for each status.

Action Plans Report
A monthly status report for all your action plans. Choose the year and the Perspective you want to visualize and the data will change dynamically.


Dashboard of the BSC Perspectives
See a dashboard that consolidates key information and charts for each of the 4 BSC perspectives according to your choice

Strategic Tracking Dashboard
See the overall completion percentage of all your strategies and the percentages separated by perspectives and overall goals you've created.

BSC Strategic Map
The spreadsheet automatically creates your BSC's strategic map, consolidating all data and facilitating a good visual analysis of your strategies

Specific Analysis of Action Plans
Depending on the choice of an area or an employee, visualize how your performance is in accordance with the completion of the actions tied to each of them.

Action Plans Dashboard
Visualize the total number of actions defined in your planning, how many have been completed, are behind schedule, and have their status in progress. In that same tab you will see a graph compiling this information month by month.

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