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Income and expenses bookkeeping and budget control spreadsheet, for small businesses

**Perfect for Online Retailers and Small Businesses**

If you are a small business owner, you will appreciate the importance of keeping your finances in order. Make messy bookkeeping a thing of your past and vow to make 2020 the year that you get your business accounts in order and save yourself a wealth of time and hassle come tax return reason. 

As an Accountant I am often asked by my clients to help them put together a simple spreadsheet to keep their bookkeeping up to date and accurate. I created this template for simplicity and ease of accounting for my clients and thought perhaps other business owners may also find it helpful. 

Many people pay bookkeepers and accountants to keep their records for them but trust me, as an accountant, I am saying you really don't need to! With good organisation and the right tools, you can keep accurate and up to date records for your business and save yourself money in bookkeeping fees. 

This spreadsheet template is ideal for small businesses as It has everything you need to set a budget, track your income/expenses and compare to your budget. I have also included a handy profit and loss report, which is automatically populated with your data, so at the end of the year you can just print it off and give it to your accountant, without having to send the whole spreadsheet over. 

Completely personalised to your business!

The spreadsheet has all of the formulas needed to pre-populate all of the reports and charts so all you need to do is set your business preferences and record your costs and income. All of the rest is automatic!

The spreadsheet includes tabs for:
• Company Information 
• Budget
• Actual Income & Expense Report
• Budget vs Actual: Income & Expense Report
• Performance Graphs
• 12 x Months for inputting your income and expenses

I have also included instructions and some tax tips....just a few little tips which have helped my clients save on tax so I wanted to share with you also. 

This spreadsheet is for personal use only. Please do not share.

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