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Register of Believers
Record all believers who attend church and make donations, pay tithing, or otherwise collaborate

Church Membership Registration
Register members of your religious institution, their roles, key contact and personal information.

Financial Accounts, Churches and Activities
Area to register the financial accounts used (we already give some suggestions), churches that are being controlled and religious activities that are carried out daily

Financial Control for Churches Monthly
Structure ready to launch financial inflows and outflows monthly and to control the types of movements, their values ​​and related people

Control of Activities in the Church Secretariat
Schedule to control activities planned and executed by the church secretariat (or other area) daily with record of time, number of gifts and location. The worksheet already has a feature to automatically show you the activities of a day that you choose.

Financial report
Financial report with cash flow in table and graph to show how the money movements are monthly in the analyzed Church

Religious Activities Report
According to the church secretariat's planning, see the main activities that were performed monthly, the number of times they happened and the total for the year

Report of Believers, Churches and Financial Accounts
See 3 specific reports on values ​​donated by believers, detailed financial analyzes for your financial accounts, and a cash flow for any of the registered churches (if you control more than one religious institution)

Church Dashboard
Control panel of the church with the main indicators, financial chart and monetary values ​​of revenues, expenses and annual financial balance.

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