Main Features of The Fleet Management Excel Spreadsheet

Fleet Management Spreadsheet Excel

Control all your fleet by type of vehicle (trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc.) and by driver. Monitor the maintenance (preventive and corrective), tires and exchanges needed. Track all in automatic charts!

Fleet Management Spreadsheet Excel - Register

Start by registering vehicles, drivers, garages, maintenance types and other data. Fill in the main data for each of them and record whether the vehicle's documents need updating or not.

Fleet Management Spreadsheet Excel - Route and Tripo Control

Route Control
Controle trips made: fuel, drivers, origin and destination cities, tolls, fines and other costs. Monitor the trips of each vehicle and each driver.

Control of Maintenances
Record the maintenance of each vehicle, type of maintenance and cause. Also report whether the maintenance was preventive or corrective. Then you can control the main maintenance costs and analyze by vehicle.

Exchange Control
Control the main exchanges you need to make in the vehicles: Tires, Oils, Brakes and Filters. The Worksheet advises according to the Vehicle mileage what should be changed.

Fleet Management Spreadsheet Excel - Reports

Analyze all the data recorded in the spreadsheet in four different ways: General Result, Logistics, Maintenance, Individual Analysis per Vehicle and Driver and Print report.

Fleet Management Spreadsheet Excel - Dashboard

Analyze graphs with consolidated results through a visual and easier to understand panel

New 5.0 version Functionalities

  • Control of revenue, costs, and results

  • Detailed control of fines

  • New reports and dashboards (Cash Flow, Top 5, etc.)

  • Improvements in dashboards and graphics

  • Choose the language used in the spreadsheet

  • Hide/Show menu column to enable better spreadsheet view

  • Change menu colors in the entire spreadsheet with one click

  • Swap logo in all tabs with one click

  • Add/Delete sheets function

Watch the Fleet Management Spreadsheet Tutorial

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