School Grades and Attendance Excel Spreadsheet Template

Fill in students' grades and absences, then automatically see which ones were approved, disapproved, and those in recovery.
Student Registration
Register up to 100 students to control notes and presence.
Course Registration
Record up to 20 courses that will be taken by the students and fill in information such as timetables, days and teachers involved with these subjects.
Reference Criteria
Determine which are the threshold marks for approval and recovery, as well as the maximum number of absences allowed throughout the year.
Grades and Bimonthly Presence Control
For each bimester of the year, fill in the notes and presence of each student for each discipline. Then it will be possible to have an approval control automatically.
Student Analysis
Choose a student, track your top notes and absences information bimonthly, and see your approval status by discipline.
Approval Report
List all students, their respective status (approved, in recovery, failed or failed for faults) and their average two-month grades.
Student Control Dashboard
Control panel with registered student indicators, how many are in each approval status, and information charts.

School Grades and Attendance Excel Spreadsheet Template

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